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Victorian-inspired living room with a modern twist reflecting European style influence in Edmonton's interior design, featuring a classic fireplace and elegant furnishings.

Dissolving Barriers: The Infiltration of European Style into Edmonton's Interior Design

May 04, 20244 min read

Are you sick of seeing the same boring designs everywhere you look? Good tidings, then! Edmonton's embrace of European style is challenging the dominance of Western and Northern European design. This new trend in interior design, characterized by vivid hues and unusual textures, is rapidly sweeping through the city's dwellings.

An Introduction to Interior Design Trends in Europe

Everything Scandinavian in the realm of interior design has seen a meteoric rise in appeal over the past few years. This is probably because of the style's trademark spare ornamentation and natural color scheme. Despite popular belief, Scandinavian style is just one of many European trends that is finding its way into Edmonton's interior design scene.

The community is also adopting the following additional European fashions:

Lofts and city apartments benefit greatly from the industrial chic aesthetic, which blends elements of industrial and rustic design. Key elements of this style include bare brick walls, metal hardware, and reclaimed wood furnishings.

Even though it has been around for some time, the minimalist movement in Europe is still continuing strong. (and elsewhere). The key to this design aesthetic is simplicity and making effective use of empty space. If you want to give this fad a try, the first thing you should do is clear the clutter from your house.

Color blocking is another popular design choice in Europe at the moment. This technique entails arranging rooms with contrasting sections of color. You can use any method you like, such as new paint, new furnishings, or new accents. If you're in the mood to take a risk, consider combining hues that would never normally go together.

Well, what do you think?

Is it time for you to bring a little bit of Europe into your own home? There are many methods to incorporate European style into your home, from the minimalistic to the eclectic.

A Look at Local Trends in Edmonton

The interior design landscape in Edmonton is one of a kind due to its eclectic influences, many of which come from Europe. The city's buildings and layout are visual representations of its cultural heritage and historical significance.

Modern European patterns have always been an inspiration for Edmonton's designers, but in recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in bringing these looks into local dwellings. The use of stone and wood is currently one of the most prevalent trends. Those who appreciate the timeworn elegance of classic European architecture will appreciate this movement.

The use of eye-catching colors and designs is another current fad. This is a common feature in houses with Spanish or Mediterranean influences, and it can give any room a unique feel.

Asking a professional interior designer for advice on how to give your house a more European feel is a good idea. They're able to assist you in finding items that are both fashionable and true to your individual taste.

Understanding the Differences between European and Canadian Design

Although interior design trends come and go, some things remain consistent. European architecture has had a significant impact on residential construction in Canada. Canadians have followed European fashions in interior design and decoration for generations.

However, when thinking about your next house renovation, it's important to keep in mind the significant differences between European and Canadian design. A few items to remember are as follows.

Minimalist designs with clean lines and basic furnishings are popular in Europe. In order to accomplish this look, choose pieces of furniture with clean, contemporary lines and get rid of any unnecessary accessories.

An additional distinction is that Europeans value precision more highly than their Canadian counterparts. This is evident, for example, in their use of one-of-a-kind accents and accoutrements and the priority they place on using only the highest-quality materials and finishes.

Color is used in a unique way in European architecture and interior design. Europeans typically avoid using vibrant colors in favor of more subdued tones. Due to their versatility, neutrals are also widely used across Europe.

The Benefits of Using European Inspired Designs in Your Home

Decorating with European-inspired pieces has many benefits. One reason is that it has the potential to improve the overall classiness of a space. Moreover, if you take good care of it, European-style furnishings and accessories can last for a very long time. You can express your individuality and style while also creating a stylish home by adding European touches.

Houses in Edmonton With a European Flavor

You don't have to completely renovate to give your home a touch of European style; there are a few simple methods to do so. Adding new elements or changing existing ones can often solve a problem. Some Edmonton residences with a European flavor are shown below.

One, remember the fundamentals, which include simple forms and a muted color scheme.

Natural elements such as wood, stone, and linen can add a nice touch of texture to your space.

Make use of ceilings and plenty of windows to let in natural light.

Put some seedlings inside or start a herb garden outside.

Fifth, put in place soft illumination and soft furniture to make the room feel inviting.

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What should I consider before starting an interior design or renovation project?

Kick off your renovation adventure by zeroing in on your dream space's look and feel, as well as how much you're willing to invest. Take stock of the essentials — does your space need any electrical or plumbing work? Check out the rules your renovation needs to follow, and if you're bringing in the pros, pick someone who fits your style and respects your budget. Get ready to make your space truly yours!

How do I determine my interior design style or the look I want to achieve?

Explore design websites, magazines, and social media for inspiration. Consider your personal tastes, the functionality of the space, and any existing furniture or decor you love. You can also take online style quizzes or consult with MoJo Design to help define your style.

What is the typical timeline for a home renovation project?

A typical home renovation timeline varies widely depending on the project's scale. Small updates may take a few weeks, while extensive remodels can take several months to a year. Always factor in time for planning, permits, and potential unexpected delays.

Will I need to hire different contractors for various phases of the renovation?

It depends on the scope of your project. For comprehensive renovations, you might need various specialists like electricians, plumbers, or painters. MoJo Design will manage the entire process and bring in subcontractors as needed.

Can I live in my home during the renovation, or will I need to find alternative accommodations?

For minor renovations, you might be able to stay at home, though expect some disruption. For major remodels, especially those involving kitchens or bathrooms, it might be more practical to arrange alternative accommodations until the work is complete.